VIP Online Reiki Course

VIP's Online Reiki Program 
We offer Reiki classes in three different ways:
1) in-person (over a week or weekend),
2) online (live - over 10 weeks),
3) online (self-paced). 

In our VIP Reiki Program, there are three separate courses.

1) Intro to Reiki - A free webinar for anyone who is curious about Reiki (online only),
2) Certified Reiki Master - You become attuned to Levels I, II & III/Master of Reiki (online - live, online - self-paced, in-person), and
3) Certified Reiki Master Teacher - You are already a Certified Reiki Master and now you want to learn how to teach Reiki to others and attune them. This is a separate course completely.

1) Intro to Reiki Course

In this free webinar you will learn all about how Reiki can transform your everyday life!
Maybe you have heard about this thing called, 'Reiki' a time or two, but don't know exactly what it is...
Well, this is the perfect course for you!

In this webinar you will learn:
- How to stop feeling drained by other people's’ energies and learn how to start feeling empowered and energized naturally,
- How Reiki can transform your life, work and daily activities!
- Benefits of Reiki and how it’s all-encompassing on every level to promote healing at the deepest level.

You will also learn 3 Quick Instant Energy Techniques!
These are my absolute favorite  and most highly recommended techniques!

***NOTE: This webinar is conducted only in Spoken English only if you are wanting the ASL (American Sign Language) webinar, please visit the VIP Online Course Homepage to access that. Thank you.

2) Certified Reiki Master Course
Includes Intro to Reiki and Levels I, II & III/Master 

***You can gain instant access to our Online Self-Paced Course now! 

Level I
- Learn Reiki basics
- Learn how to do Self Treatments
- Chakra Basics
- Attuned to the 1st Level of Reiki
- Get first Reiki Symbol (traditional and non-traditional versions)

Level II
- Learn about the History of Reiki
- Emotional/Mental and Distance symbols
- Learn new Non-Traditional Symbols
- More Intermediate information about the 7 Primary Chakras
- Learn how to do Distance Reiki
- Learn how to complete a full Distance Session with someone else
- Attuned to the 2nd Level of Reiki

Level III/Master
- Get attuned to the Master Level of Reiki
- Discover your Reiki Master Symbol
- Learn two non-traditional symbols
- How to do In-Person sessions with others
- How to do Reiki with Animals (including animal communication)
- Crystal Grids
- Applications of Reiki symbols (elixirs, essences, etc.)
- Business Formalities:
   - Laws of Practicing as a holistic practitioner
   - Setting up a formal practice
   - Forms, Certifications, etc.
   - Marketing (in-person, website, etc.)
   - Financials
   - Equipment needed (office supplies, technology, treatment space, etc.)
   - Ideas for places where you can practice Reiki (hint: think outside the treatment room)

This course also includes:
   - Lifetime access to the course materials online,
   - Lifetime support in our private VIP Reiki Facebook group community,
   - Your VIP Certified Reiki Master gift and official Certificate! 

***Tuition prices vary depending on location, length of training and more. Make sure you are on our email list to receive announcements for upcoming classes. 

Self-paced Online Certified Reiki Master Course includes: 
- Access to all of the videos, handouts and quizzes online (these will be released based on the level of your attunement),  
- Three private Attunement sessions (one for each level; links for scheduling will be included in your emails upon registering),
- Nine months from the day you sign up to complete your 3rd attunement,
- Lifetime support in our VIP Reiki Facebook group (upon successful completion of Level 3 and receiving all three attunements),
- Your VIP Certified Reiki Master gift and offiicial certificate (upon successful completion of Level 3 and receiving all three attunements).

3) Certified Reiki Master Teacher Course

This is your comprehensive course for being a confident Certified Reiki Master Teacher. Absolutely everything you need from beginning to end is included in this course!
*PreRequisite: You must already be a Certified Reiki Master. If you were not attuned by CRMT ashley koe, you will be asked to provide your official certificate of being a Certified Reiki Master before starting this course. 

- Receive the final attunement of Reiki,
- Learn how to teach all the levels of Reiki
     1) Intro to Reiki
     2) Level I
     3) Level II
     4) Level III/Master
     5) Reiki Master Teacher
     6) Additional formats for Reiki Classes

- Learn how to pass attunements to others for each level, (and animals),
     - including in-class practice time with instructor support,  
- Hands-on practice teaching others Reiki with instructor support,
- Business Formalities:
     - Setting up a formal teaching practice
     - Registration Forms, Certificate Templates, etc.
     - Marketing (in-person, website, etc.)
     - Financials, Payment processors, Registration deadlines, etc.
     - Equipment needed (office supplies, technology, classroom space, etc.)

- Tuition also includes:
     1) Lifetime access to ALL course materials (mailed or given on first day of class in person) - includes all updated materials in the online course,
     2) Customizable 'Done-for-you' PowerPoint Templates for each Level (1-3)!
          - For both Light Internal system teaching format, and
          - For VIP's Weekend Immersion Format
     3) The possibility of assisting in future VIP Reiki classes with teaching and/or attuning with VIP CRMTs ashley or ML,
     4) Your specialized VIP CRMT gift and certificate! 

***Tuition prices vary depending on location, length of training and more. Make sure you are on our email list to receive announcements for upcoming classes. 

Course Syllabus

Intro to Reiki

Intro to Reiki Webinar

Level I - Week 1

Welcome to Level 1 Reiki!! In this level you will learn the basics of Reiki and self treatments. Weeks 1 - 3. This week we covered: - Introductions - Reiki Basics - History of Reiki - Reiki Principles - How energy works - Activity, playing with energy - Charka Basics - Tools: Chakra Boost (3: Emotional, Intellectual & Balance)

Level I - Week 2

Week 2 - Self Treatment, Symbol & Attunement Ceremony

Level I - Week 3 - Integration Week

Enjoy your week off integrating all that you have learned so far. Make sure you're practicing your self treatments and tools you have learned so far (Auric and Chakra boosts).

Level II - Week 4

Level II - Week 5

Level II - Week 6

This week we checked in, reviewed HSZSN, covered Distance Healing and practiced a 15-mins session, then discussed. More videos on the rest of this week's topics are posted in here: More distance tools, Chakras, more Life Tools, being a Reiki Practitioner and homework and reminders for the next two weeks.

Level II - Week 7 - Integration Week

Integration Week! Practice distance sessions, catch up on videos or just take a break. In joy!

Level III/Master - Week 8

Level III/Master - Week 9

Level III/Master - Week 10

Welcome to our final week!

Certified Reiki Master Teacher - next level - different course

Taking Reiki classes through VIP felt like I was coming home. It aligned many things for me and had a profound impact on my future. Those who know me would know that is saying a lot coming from someone that is usually very skeptical about things of a "woo-woo" nature. I received many validations and examples of how to use Reiki in my daily life. Before I took Reiki classes, I was very unsure of what I wanted to be when I grow up and I was a 33 year old "adult" when I started the Reiki classes. The weekend was just mind-blowing, awe-inspiring and affirming in many ways. In fact, when I returned to work the following Monday, I walked into the building and instantly knew at a soul level that even though I might not know what I want to do when I grow up, I no longer belonged there. It no longer served my purpose. I've learned to trust my intuition more, address my doubts head-on, constantly check in with myself about whether situations, people, or things are in my higher good. I've learned when to say no and how to release toxicity in my life (people, things, relationships, etc) with love and light. Not only have I seen the changes in myself, but I've seen my friend's life become much more vibrant, aligned, and magnified in ways that I know she never could have imagined. Reiki is energy medicine, as you know, energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed. Therefore, Reiki is a transformation on an amazing level and you will never be the same again (for the better!) — Katie Cue, Entrepreuer and former Educator

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